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Founded in 1985, Shanghai Guanghui Instrument Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of all kinds of pneumatic and electric control valves. It is a key backbone enterprise in the actuator industry, a member unit of Sinopec material resources market, and a material supplier access unit of CNPC. The company has passed the production license acceptance of the Ministry of machinery industry, ISO9001:2000 quality system certification and the special equipment manufacturing license (pressure pipe components) acceptance of the people's Republic of China.

The company has always been "science and technology to promote the factory" brilliant spirit, continuous innovation, and achieved gratifying results. Zhu Rongji, then Party and state leaders, Wu Bangguo and others have visited the company several times. Under the new situation of reform and opening up, the company has continuously optimized the combination, absorbed scientific and technological talents, introduced foreign advanced technology, and successively developed high-tech products such as s series quick release single seat regulating valve, c-series balanced sleeve single seat regulating valve, H-series labyrinth regulating valve, TG series balanced three-way combined / shunt regulating valve and ER eccentric rotary regulating valve, and can meet the requirements of high quality regulating valve for large-scale projects such as petrochemical, chemical, power station and metallurgy.

The company has successfully applied its products to CNOOC Tianye Chemical Group, Inner Mongolia Boyuan United Chemical Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Yili Chemical Co., Ltd., Harbin No.1 Thermal Power Plant of Datang Heilongjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd., Liaoning Panjin North asphalt fuel Co., Ltd., Henan Zhongyuan Dahua Group, Henan yongcoal group, Hebei Xinquan Coking Co., Ltd., Xinlonghua, Huanghua, Hebei Province Industrial Co., Ltd., Shandong Binyang combustion Co., Ltd., Shandong Weifang Hongrun Petrochemical auxiliary Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhanhua Luyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Chenxi Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Dongying Hualian Petrochemical Plant Co., Ltd., Shandong Jingbo Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Lijin Petrochemical Plant Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shikou power plant and Shanghai steam turbine have Limited company, Shanghai Electric Power Plant Equipment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Huai'an Qingjiang Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jinju Chemical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hesheng silicon Co., Ltd., and other domestic hundreds of enterprises. In Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant Phase I and Pakistan chaxima nuclear power plant, the company's nuclear secondary and nuclear three-stage regulating valves have also been successfully applied. More gratifying, the company's nuclear secondary regulating valve has been successfully applied to naval equipment in many batches.

The company is based on the management concept of "manufacturing excellent and good faith service", making friends all over the world, seeking survival in competition and striving for strength in continuous efforts. We shape our product culture and corporate image with high-quality and personal quality, honesty and sincerity.


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